Qbus core hud

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Buy Your FiveM Server or Scripts. DISCORD: QBCore#4011Discord : https://discord.gg/gWWDpmNjZv. QBUS / QBCORE SUPPORT. If you wish to use it on LATEST VERSION of QBCore that is found here ( Github ), please do the following changes : 1. Navigate to Config.lua and find Config.UsingOldQBCore and set it to false. Save the File. 2. Navigate to fxmanifest.lua and uncomment existing or add - 1.

A collection of scripts for FiveM Servers using the QBCORE Framework.




Qbus Control is an innovative application which enables you to operate your Qbus Smart Home or Building. With the application you operate heating, "Switch everything off", or receive messages from your home by e-mail or SMS. Wherever you are, from any device. Qbus Control is accessible to all Qbus customers free of charge. Next time dont .... Watch HUD is a new and intuitive way of viewing your player statistics and it perfectly fits the RP scene. The watch currently has 5 screens. Statistics. Bank and cash. Job. Settings. Digital clock. Users can move the watch in case it overlaps with other UI elements or to their preference and the text and progress bars are fully animated.

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QBUS BIG SCRIPTS LEAKED QBCORE! ... core_dispatch crosshair cTV CUSTOM_PDM cyberbar_map dealershipmlo dilza_crafting dominos dpemotes EasyAdmin fivem-slots gabz_harmony gabz_vanilla ... qb-hud qb-hunting qb-idcard qb-ifruitstore qb-input qb-interior qb-keyboard qb-keyminigame qb-lapraces qb-lift.